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Podcasts, panels, interviews, live shows...Reba is always down to talk about mental health!

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The Food, Body, Self Summit 2022

Reba was invited to be a guest speaker at the Food Body Self Summit hosted by Alicia Castaneda of Ritual Coaching Collective. They talked about Reba's reasons for encouraging people to try therapy, all the different ways someone can find a therapist to talk to, and some of the common fears people have about starting the therapeutic process. You can watch the full interview here:

This Is My Brave Los Angeles

Reba is so excited to be part of the cast of the 2022 This Is My Brave-The Show in Los Angeles.

This Is My Brave – The Show is a live presentation of touching essays, original music, poetry and comedy performed by a dozen individuals living with – or loving someone with – a mental illness. There is strength found in people coming together as a community, propelling a movement forward toward a common goal.

Reba and her cast mates were featured on Spectrum News. Show is 2pm Sunday, September 25th 2022 at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

The 40,000 Steps Podcast

Reba Buhr, actor, author and mental health advocate, has nearly 100 credits on IMDB. She’s probably voiced a character in one of your favorite animated shows or video games - including one of my daughters’ favorite joints, Miraculous.

But Reba’s dream is to take her show on the road and speak to students at universities about her mental health journey. She’s written a book titled “Get Thee to a Therapist”, in which she shares her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks that came on during college, while educating readers how to navigate the mental healthcare system. Her Instagram account that goes by the same name is packed with her unique brand of humor and invaluable insights.

🔊Listen to the episode

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The Therapy Would Be Cheaper Podcast

Reba sits down with host Kenzie Rowland to talk about how mental illness of any kind is never an adjective, her new book dedicated to helping guide young adults through the crazy journey that is mental health recovery and how sometimes…shit happens.

🔊Listen to the episode

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