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My Story


Outspoken mental health advocate Reba Buhr spends her working days as an actress, host, and voiceover artist in Los Angeles, CA. She was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as a college Junior and her panic attacks facilitated some major changes in her life. She dropped out of school for a semester to start therapy and medication. She overhauled her lifestyle, learned coping skills and healthier ways of thinking, and returned to campus ready to prioritize health and balance over achievement.


Reba is an open-book kind of girl and has always been vocal about the benefits of mental health treatment in a world where many people feel pressure to hide their diagnosis. When she found herself being approached by more and more friends who wanted advice on finding support for their own mental health challenges, she realized there was a need for a comprehensive “Intro to Mental Health in America.”


Get Thee to a Therapist is her debut book and is born out of many years of doing the healing work herself, guiding friends towards helpful resources, and interviewing professionals in every area of mental health to gain a deep understanding of how the system works. She is here to translate all of that confusing "medical-ese" into human speak and demystify the process of getting professional support. Her writing has also been featured in Swaay, Ms. Career Girl, and The Huffington Post



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